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Phone : 03 5853 1912


Workshop Pitcovers by Cantech Engineering -

Option 1 - Fully automatic retractable workshop pit covers

Work shop retractable pit covers may be the answer !


Designed and manufactured specifically for the transport industry to reduce the risk of injuries caused due to open pits in workshops.


A solution to exposed pits - the “auto easycover” - option 1:

These tried and tested restractable pit covers offer simple and effective retractable covering systems for all mezanine style workshop pits to allow workshop service technicians to open the pit to any position allowing either full or part exposure to the vehicle located on the pit. Safety is guaranteed with all covers being protected with bump sensors to eliminate shear hazards when fully closing the covers.

The simplicity of the system gives the technician quick access to the pit therefore saving time in removal and applying the older style static covers. A generous payload of 200kg also allows the technician to stand on the covers while performing routine service on the front and the rear of the vehicle.


  • Length. All lengths up to a maximum length of 20 Metres
  • Width. Min 600 mm – max 1150 mm
  • Variable opening positions –specific to access required per job
  • Bump sensors located on the first flight to prevent crushing
  • Capacity load. Up to200 kg per linear metre depending on width.
  • Optional tread surface and colour
  • interlocking device – removed ‘locking’
  • Auto opening and closing (Optional)
  • Suitable for all mezzanine style workshop pits.
  • Optional tire guide leaders also available
  • Designed & Manufactured in Victoria Australia specific to each application

Contact Cantech Engineering on 03 5853 1912 or via our form for more information.

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